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(For Caretakers/Social Workers)


December 15th, 2012
WHERE: Port Orchard Pavilion: 701 Bay Street, Port Orchard, WA
FROM: 11:00am to 7:00pm

These precious ladies get an entire day to be pampered and encouraged!


 The Annual Point Hope Teenista allows 25 foster girls between the ages of 13 to 18 to have a day filled with the fun of being pampered while also being mentored and encouraged. These girls will have the opportunity to:
  • shop for a new wardrobe
  • receive a haircut or a new hair style
  • get a makeover and learn makeup tips to accent their natural beauty
  • receive manicures or get their nails painted and take the polish home with themA+++--*////*
  • have fun getting a caricature drawing done, create special crafts, relax and snack
  • be at the glamour end of a professional photo shoot and get a picture to take home
  • be served an elegant dinner while seated at beautiful, uniquely decorated tables
  • be gifted exciting Christmas presents in their Teenista SWAG bags
  • shop in the “gifting” area for Christmas gifts of their own to present to their families
  • interact with people who have volunteered for the day to offer encouragement, empowerment, motivation, praise, and words of hope
This day will not solve any long-term problems, but it will challenge the girls and the volunteers to be aware that none of us should be restricted by our circumstances, but we are responsible for our choices. And it may be the only glimpse offered in a young woman’s life to know that there truly is HOPE in her future.

We need YOU to have a successful “
Teenista 2012”! We also need: makeup and people to apply it, nail polish and manicurists, personal hygiene items (shampoo, conditioner, dental care items, brushes, combs, etc.), new clothes for all teens, gently used clothes for teens, hats, pajamas, hair stylists, fashion coordinators, table decorations, finger food, snacks, beverages, purses, photographers, videographer, ladies willing to lend an ear and be a big sister for the day, gifts for all ages and genders to let the girls shop through, gift wrapping helpers, whatever SWAG you have available or have access to that would thrill the hearts of teenage girls. 

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If you can’t make it in person or you are too far away to provide items, please consider making a cash donation—any amount will help to make a difference! Donate and note your contribution is for the “Teenista”. 

Specific Items to Donate towards

$3,750 gift will purchase a week’s worth of clothing for the 25 girls or $150 gift for a week of clothing for ONE girl

$1,125 gift will purchase the cost of the Elegant Dinner for the 25 girls or $45 gift for the Elegant Dinner for ONE girl

$625 gift will purchase 25 Payless Shoe gift cards for all 25 girls or $25 gift for a payless shoes gift card for ONE girl

$450 gift will purchase 25 Makeup kits for all 25 girls or $18 gift for a Makeup Kit for ONE girl                    

Donate any general amount $50, $75, $100 or more to Annual Point Hope Teenista

We would love for you to have a chance to see for yourself the same life-changing thrills and experience the rush helping a young girl can give to your spirit! Come on, JOIN US!

 Participant & Volunteers      Testimonies:

“I asked to postpone my adoption until I could come to the Teenista, because it sounded like it would be so much fun! I’m so glad I did!!” Laura, age 15, “Teenista” Participant  


“Okay, I’ve had my hair cut, my nails done and make-up put on…do you have an ear piercing station? I would so do it!” Michelle, age 15, “Teenista” Participant [she was laughing, but we think she was serious…we didn't have that station, so it didn't happen]

“It was amazing to see the change in the girls expressions and body language from the moment they first walked in the door to the moment they left. Their smiles said it all, this event changed their lives!” Mercedes,“Teenista” Volunteer                                                    

“Months later the girls are still talking about how great the “Teenista” was! Nancy,Youth for Christ, Coordinator of placing foster girls in the “Teenista” event

“I was so impressed-the "Teenista" made as much an impact in the lives of the volunteers as it did in the lives of the girls. As soon as the event was over, the ladies were telling me they were excited to help at the next "Teenista"!"
Erin, Point Hope Domestic Program Coordinator


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